6 Things to do in Seattle
by Michael Upchurch, December 13, 2018

"When it comes to acrobatic and aerial stunts, AC has always had the chops. But in Fig Tree Waltzes, the connective dance passages between the physical feats have become delectably polished, and the troupe’s theatrical flair is just as captivating."

The Seattle Times
Acrobatic Conundrum explores pitfalls of romance while expertly defying gravity
by Michael Upchurch, December 10, 2016

"[Love & Gravity] is a feast of acrobatics, juggling, mime, contortionism and dance, served up in a package that examines the pitfalls of romance while defying the dangers of gravity."

City Arts Magazine
Astonishing Feats
by Gemma Wilson, January 26, 2017

"This is the essence of modern circus: intimate and personal, a combination of impressive physical skills and emotional storytelling. It’s visceral like modern dance and clever like avant-garde theatre—and a far cry from the ideas of circus that still prevail in America."

by Marcie Sillman, May 17, 2016

Marcie Sillman, KUOW culture reporter, interviews Terry Crane for her series "Art of Our City." The series talks to the who's who of Seattle artists about their work and why they choose Seattle as their home. 

Spectacle Magazine
The Beat of a Different Circus
by Judy Finelli, March 22, 2015

"Anyone longing for a unique theatrical experience, featuring a masterful group of artists who trash formulaic and traditional methods, and take astonishing physical risks with precision, narrative, and perception, must see this extraordinary company perform."

The Huffington Post
Acrobatic Conundrum's "The Language of Chance" Opens Two Weeks of Amazing, Intimate Circus at 12th Avenue Arts 
by Steven Sieden, April 28, 2015

"Everyone in this troupe is a star, and yet each character also steps back to support the others in some feats of daring that left me continually wondering, "how can a person do such a thing with their body?" Thus, I consider The Language of Chance to be a perfectly performed and staged show filled with every human emotion." 

The Jefferson Exchange, Jefferson Public Radio/NPR 
The Circus Comes to Town, Minus Animals, March 25, 2015  
Interview with show host Geoffrey Riley and artistic director Terry Crane and performer Jackie Kehrwald.

Lost in SF
And Found in SF! The Acrobatic Conundrum 
by Nathalie Gobbi, March 20, 2015

"If Circus is supposed to make you dream, The Language of Chance is a total success. It is poetic, funny, sensitive, moving, conceptual, creative, with sophisticated and yet very simple set and costumes, and a meticulous, detailed and inventive staging and directing."

Circus Now
Notes from the field:  CN Seattle Interviews Terry Crane Artistic Director of Acrobatic Conundrum 
by Katheryn Reed, August 14, 2014

City Arts Magazine
"The Balancing Act", Managing Director Joselynn Tokashiki Engstrom was selected as an artist/innovator to define 2014 by City Arts Magazine.  
by Leah Baltus, January 2014

Finding Circus
Review of The Way Out's show at the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival
January 13, 2014 

"Contemporary circus is a combination of all arts. This show was theater, dance, music, video, and the fine-tuning of human strength/grace/ and coordination that is circus." - Awfully Emily