What Presenters Are Saying:

"Combining amazing physical feats, emotional theatrics, and stunning dance, Love and Gravity embraces it all!  

Every performer is a master. Collectively, they deliver a performance that shares the right amounts of drama with comedy and physical achievements with perfect dance movement. 

As a small presenting organization using high school auditoriums for performances, this company makes the technical requirements a breeze. What a joy to work with them all. Certainly, the “circus” identity appeals to a broader audience particularly families, yet Acrobatic Conundrum brings new definition to this contemporary interpretation of the art form. One of the most artistic and amazingly beautiful programs we have hosted."

Steve Schrepferman
Executive Director
Park County Arts Council,  WY

Acrobatic Conundrum is available to book "Love and Gravity" and "The Fig Tree Waltzes" September - November 2018. The productions may be performed in repertory, in conjunction with a residency, or independently. The company offers a range of outreach programs, suitable for all ages and abilities. For information regarding technical needs, rates and availability contact

Visit us at Art Northwest Booth #91.