Current Productions

Click on image for more information! Photo: Marc Hoffman

Click on image for more information!
Photo: Marc Hoffman

the fig tree waltzes

Available to tour February - June 2020

Featuring choreography from Costa Rica's Jimmy Ortiz Chinchilla, Acrobatic Conundrum's newest work blends circus and dance into a poetic experience that pushes the artists to the edge. In a world where stakes are high and time is running out, The Fig Tree Waltzes is a paean to the human drive to keep playing against overwhelming odds.

Click on image for more infromation. Photo: Danny Boulet

Click on image for more infromation.
Photo: Danny Boulet

love and gravity

Available to tour February - June 2020

Love and Gravity presents six artists on a minimal stage with little else but their talents and hearts. The performers explore, through a tapestry-like journey, the endless ways in which we find love, support and partnership. This evening-length piece is appropriate for all ages and will leave you feeling joyful and awed by the power of human connection.

Past Productions


volumes 1 - 6

Premiered 2012.

Every year, Acrobatic Conundrum curates a cabaret, adding a new “Volume” to the ever evolving story of circus. Each Volume is a world unto itself, featuring original pieces - long and short - from circus artists of all stripes.

Past performers include: Lauren Joy Hurley, Alex Allan, Leah Jones, Ellie Rossi, Una Bennett, Ross Travis, Emiliano Ron, Unicycle Built for two and more. 

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Let Acrobatic Conundrum be your circus sommelier!

Contemporary Circus Flight is totally free, totally short, and totally varied. During this half-hour long show, you’ll sample a range of short circus works accompanied by informal commentary. Whether you’re totally new to circus or a contemporary circus aficionado, the Contemporary Circus Flight is a fun way to get a taste for what’s happening under the big tent we call circus.

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language of chance

Premiered 2014.

Inspired by author Jorge Luis Borges’ magical realist tale, "The Library of Babel," this show consists of two pieces: A Book is Not a Ladder by choreographer and director KT Niehoff and Secret Passages by UMO Ensemble Executive Artist Elizabeth Klob. 



the way out

Premiered 2013.

In Acrobatic Conundrum's debut production, eight strangers find themselves in a room with no exit. They are isolated from the world in a bunker where supplies are scarce. With no allies but each other, eight disparate personalities vie for survival, connection, and a way out.