Hello friends and circus fans!

It’s been a record year for AC (the circus, as well as air conditioning) with a number of firsts. We were filmed in 360 VR (video coming soon), made a splash in the Bay Area at the San Francisco Aerial Arts Festival (thanks to Zaccho Dance Theatre), and vitalized the Seattle waterfront with unique acrobatic performances (hometown throw-down).

Next up, we’re heading east to tour our new show The Fig Tree Waltzes to Boston, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Brattleboro, Philadelphia, and Oberlin, Ohio. (We were trying to keep the tour strictly alliterative, but we couldn’t say no to Philly!)

The Fig Tree Waltzes was inspired by the predicament of having to make important life choices with limited time and without the full story. It’s no accident that the themes of our shows mirror the ones in our own lives. The artists of AC are constantly facing big decisions, notably which projects to choose, and how to pursue performing arts despite the challenges. It’s my hope that after seeing this curiously beautiful show, people might be inspired to take action in their own lives.

We invite those of you that live on the East Coast to see the show and then let us know if my hope became a reality. We’ll be waiting for you in the lobby after the show.

Circusly yours,
Terry Crane

PS. (If you don’t live on the East Coast but know someone there who should see our show, please send them our way!)