This season is all about sharing our love of live art through our personal favorite medium: contemporary circus. We’ll be at 12th Avenue Arts (in Seattle’s Capitol Hill) for the whole month of December giving you no less than three different ways to get your circus on. The season opens with the next chapter in the ever-evolving story of circus: Volume 6: Something Stolen (featuring one very special fundraiser performance). Then, we’re bringing back last year’s smash hit The Fig Tree Waltzes (revised, revamped, and ready to rumble). Throughout it all, you’ll have a chance to join us for our newest program, the Contemporary Circus Flight. This free show is all about keeping it easy and giving you a way to experience more art for no money and little time.

Can’t decide what to see? Buy a season pass and see it all! We’ve got circus, life, love and art to celebrate. There’s no reason to hold back now.

12th Avenue Arts, 1620 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122
Advance Purchase Tickets: $15 - $24
Door Purchase Tickets: $20 - $33


Friday, November 30, 8p
Saturday, December 1, 3p
Saturday, December 1, 8p - Fundraiser Show
Sunday, December 2, 5p (+ Free Contemporary Circus Flight, 4:15p) - ASL Interpreted Performance

Thursday, December 20, 7:30P
Friday, December 21, 8P
Sunday, December 22, 3P + 8p

The acts we see onstage strike us with their originality and timeliness, we seldom learn the questionable origins or borrowed elements behind them. This year, in Acrobatic Conundrum’s annual curated cabaret, a talented team of acrobats and circus performers reveal the sources of their inspiration. Volume 6 is an homage to circus past, art translated into movement, and thrilling feats that plagiarize life experience itself. An all star ensemble of circus performers, with music from Faith Stankovich (aka Liberty Strikes), take away your breath with impossible grace, even as they unravel the inner workings before your very eyes.

Confirmed performers: Emma Curtiss, Ty Vennewitz, Cooper Stanton, Melissa Knowles, Yuko Hata, Terry Crane

Music by Faith Stankovich
Directed by Ty Vennewitz

The Fundraiser Show

Saturday, December 1, 8p

What makes this show different than all other shows?

It's a super fun(draiser) way for you to help Acrobatic Conundrum continue to create, share and pioneer American contemporary circus. In addition to our super awesome show: There will be a drawing for prizes! Extra jokes! Extra flips! Extra ways to give!

Buy a $24 ticket now and add a tax deductible donation at checkout and you've helped us get one step closer to our $10,000 winter fundraising goal. (Not to mention signed yourself up for a really fun night.)


Sunday, December 2, 4:15-4:45p - ASL Interpreted Performance
Friday, December 14, 7:15-7:45p
Sunday, December 16, 4:15-4:45p


Let Acrobatic Conundrum be your circus sommelier!

Contemporary Circus Flight is totally free, totally short, and totally varied. During this half-hour long show, you’ll sample a range of short circus works accompanied by informal commentary. Whether you’re totally new to circus or a contemporary circus aficionado, the Contemporary Circus Flight is a fun way to get a taste for what’s happening under the big tent we call circus.


Friday, December 7, 8p
Saturday, December 8, 3p + 8p
Sunday, December 9, 5p
Thursday, December 13, 7:30p - Pay What You Can
Friday, December 14, 8p  (+ Free Contemporary Circus Flight, 7:15p)
Saturday, December 15, 8p
Sunday, December 16, 5p  (+ Free Contemporary Circus Flight, 4:15p)

Time is running out, and you have to make a choice - him or her? Stay or go? Love or freedom? Risk more or cut losses? You only get one. As the remaining minutes of our life diminish, the game of life weighs on us. No matter what we choose, we lose an opportunity, and destiny hems us in with every step.

But, in Acrobatic Conundrum’s The Fig Tree Waltzes, you can choose it all. It's a world where opposite outcomes coexist, a world of infinite possibility and opportunities to play. Strong women hang from lofty trapezes and bearded men spin in hoops wearing skirts. A group of acrobats dance, tumble, and tell stories in the language of circus. In shadows cast by stage light, mirrored realities show us the paths not taken

This show is inspired by Sylvia Plath, whose conceit imagined all her possible futures as ripe figs falling from a tree. It features music from Finnish composer Petteri Rajanti, choreography devised by Costa Rica’s premier dance director Jimmy Ortiz, and the defiant grace of the Conundrum acrobats. The Fig Tree Waltzes is truly a dance to spite our destiny.

Loop Creation Workshop

Spend a week on the Loop with Artistic Director Terry Crane! Offered in association with the Apogee Aerial Dance Festival, this workshop runs daily from December 10-14, culminating in a performance in Contemporary Circus Flight on December 14. For info, registration details and more, follow this link.

This work has been supported in part by Aerial Animals; Lake Placid Center for the Arts, Lake Placid, NY; and in part by grants from the Washington State Arts Commission; the National Endowment for the Arts; and 4Culture.

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