Dear Sweet Conundrum Friends,

These past couple months, I’ve had the great joy of traveling around the country with the cast of Love and Gravity. We've performed in 11 different cities, taught workshops to circus artists and elementary school students, and swum (swam?) in many a body of water. And now, as it approaches time to wrap up this tour and begin our hometown season, I’m just SO EXCITED BECAUSE WE GET TO MAKE MORE ART AND SHARE IT WITH MORE PEOPLE AND HOW ARE WE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET?!?
I mean, seriously, we are so very lucky.

Home is where the heart is, and Conundrum’s heart is soon to be onstage, in Seattle at 12th Avenue Arts, doing all sorts of heart things like being vulnerable, and being funny, and doing flips and stuff. We have two new shows to share, boundaries to break and stories to create. I hope to see you there. Tickets are on sale now.

More art. More courage. More connection.

Susie Williams
Acrobatic Conundrum Managing Director

volume 5 (9).jpg

Know No Boundaries

December 1 - 10*

Every year, Acrobatic Conundrum curates a cabaret, adding a new volume to the ever evolving story of circus. Each Volume is a world unto itself, featuring original pieces - long and short - from circus artists of all stripes. 

*ASL Interpreted performance on December 8.
*Family Fun Pre-show on December 3 & 10
*Fundraiser Performance on December 9

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December 15 - 23 

In a world where stakes are high and time is running out, The Fig Tree Waltzes is a paean to the human drive to keep playing against overwhelming odds.

This world premiere features choreography from Costa Rican choreographer Jimmy Ortiz Chinchilla, founder of the renowned El Barco Dance Conservatory.