• 12th Avenue Arts (map)
  • 1620 12th Avenue
  • Seattle, WA, 98122
  • United States

12th Ave Arts
7pm – 9pm
Please RSVP to attend.

Building a Circus Scene in the USA

Join us at 12th Ave Arts for a free panel discussion about the future of circus in the US, creative collaboration, and the life of a performance artist as a part of a troupe, and much more.

This two hour dialogue will be hosted by John Boylan, host of the monthly “Conversation” and is presented as part of the Apogee Aerial Dance Festival. 

Terry Crane of Acrobatic Conundrum
Susie Williams of Acrobatic Conundrum
Charly McCreary of The Cabiri
John Murphy, Founder / Artistic Director of The Cabiri
and more guests.