In the interest of brightening your day, we present you Ty Vennewitz, the charmingest charmer that ever charmed. 

Ty's towering height and disarming smile recently charmed audiences in Las Vegas where he performed with Canadian circus company Cirque Eloize. Ty, along with 23 other highly-trained and incredibly talented clowns, acrobats, and dancers, performed for an audience of nearly 10,000 at Grand Arena at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. 

That's 10,000 people who have a little more sparkle in their lives than they did before. (Hooray for sparkle spreading!) It's the largest audience Ty has ever performed for. And oh, they did not just see sparkle from far away . . . oh no. Ty, dressed in a black top hat, white tails and a red feather, sparkled that audience up close and personal in pre-show interactions. 

If you ask him, and you can, those interpersonal moments are one of the reasons Ty is drawn to the art of clowning. Even in a crowd of 10,000 (in Vegas!), circus offers moments of real, intimate human connection.

That's nice to remember.

Thanks for spreading your sparkle, Ty!

Ty Vennewitz (center with top hat) and fellow performers with Cirque Eloize at June 2016 special event at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.  (Image: Renald Laurin)