Photo by Wittypixel Featuring: (top) Xochitl Sosa and (below) Ellie Rossi

Photo by Wittypixel
Featuring: (top) Xochitl Sosa and (below) Ellie Rossi

Part of the mission of Love & Gravity, our newest work, is to connect with community. Touring the show is as much about growing our relationship with the circus community as it is about sharing our work with audiences. 

On each stop of the tour, we invited different artists to join us on stage. We also worked with several different directors/overseers/advisors/crafters/imaginers/curators/instigators in the creation of the work. This is a list of the people we were lucky enough to create, play and perform with:

Performers: Alex Allan, Alexis Hedrick, Althea Young, Anna Thomas-Henry, Ellie Rossi, Leah Jones, Maureen Frieder and Molly Graves.

Collaborators:  Elizabeth Klob, Janet McAlpin, Jaron Hollander, Jenn Cohen and Nicki Miller.

Superpals: Chris Rossi, Mary Rossi, Velibor Peric.