by AC Managing Director, Susie Williams

On Wednesday morning, not knowing how to handle my feelings about the presidential election, I read. I read the responses of my friends and colleagues. I read newspapers, posts and blogs on all sides of the political spectrum. I read hoping to learn how I had so drastically misunderstood the feelings of my country mates. Finding only confirmation that I am wildly without understanding, I turned to art. Art is the great means for understanding humanity, right? I was trained to believe that art has a role in social change, that theater is a place of communion and confrontation. Theater is how we understand each other. But I am immersed in theater, in art, and I did not understand. I do not, yet, understand.

I read Tony Kushner, Julian Beck, and dramatically, about cabaret in the Weimar Republic. I read about bread and circuses. I’ve been reading constantly since Wednesday, and the only thing I can say with certainty is that I have a lot to learn about how art - live performance in particular - can be a tool of communication. How can art be not just a means of sharing, but a means of listening? Turns out, I don’t really know. But I intend to find out.

Thank you for reading this. Selfishly, I didn’t feel I could go on shouting about Acrobatic Conundrum's upcoming events without first acknowledging this moment. It has shaken me and to proceed business as usual feels disingenuous. 

Acrobatic Conundrum is, as always, committed to contributing to a more courageous and connected world. Thank you for your patience and support while we go about figuring out how to best do that.  

Onward and upward.
There is no way out but through.
Let the great work begin.

All the best, Susie


PS. Pictured is Patty Flanigan, my high school acting teacher and the woman who taught me about political theater and honesty in art. She was a force of nature and the inspiration for my career in art. I am forever grateful to have been her student and hope to honor her through my work.