Acrobatic Conundrum headed East this weekend to visit one of our favorite museums, the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Every month, the museum hosts a free, family-oriented, themed activity day. When the museum asked us to perform for this month's event -  Under The Big Top Family Day - we were like "obvi!" and hopped on a plane to D.C. 

The event took place in the Kogod Courtyard - a former outdoor space in the middle of the National Portrait Gallery. The courtyard, with its mix of new (the roof was designed in 2004) and old (the building is the third oldest in D.C.) is striking. Throughout the day, thousands of people visited this slice of circus and enjoyed crafts, activities, stilt walkers, jugglers, popcorn and us! 

It was a quick trip; the space is gorgeous; the audiences were awesome; the museum's staff is endlessly friendly; Susie got to see lots of her nieces; Terry took a long ride in Rosita the lift; Ty told some epic puns; Erica blew minds young and old with her mad, gender norm defying base skills . . . All told, it was a great weekend and we can't wait to go back! 

Thanks for a fun weekend, D.C.! (and special thanks to Karen Fikse, Nona Martin, Nicole Rodgers, Amy Morse and Jimmy Garver.)

And for your viewing pleasure:

Terry Crane takes a slow ride to a high ceiling.