This is our epic intro group piece from part 1 of our show. We mimic a crazed, growling, yet well--choreographed pack of zombie wolves.
This is our epic intro group piece from part 1 of our show. We mimic a crazed, growling, yet well--choreographed pack of zombie wolves.

The day is here! Saturday, October 17th at 4:15 our flights will all depart Seattle for ... well, Vancouver, really. A bit anticlimactic at first, sure, but then we'll get on another plane and wake up in Frankfurt, and then finally our last leg to Cairo! Cross your fingers that we see some pyramids from the airplane... And, when I say 'last leg', I really mean by airplane, because then we've got another 2.5 hours of land travel to get from Cairo to Alexandria! After what are sure to be over 24 hours of sleep-deprived travel mania, we will finally be at our long-awaited destination. And not a moment too soon because we've got a LOT to pack into 3 short days!

This past week has been a busy one! We rehearsed daily and finally on Thursday ran our complete dress rehearsal for the first time with the new cast/show, and a lovely audience came out to support us! It was a successful run and I know we're going to bring our uniquely Conundrum energy and spirit to our performance on Tuesday for the Backstreet Festival. It feels really exciting to have a show based on a library... actually going to a library! And not just any library... the ex-ruin turned ultra-modern performance space. I'm hoping that wins us some "points". Egpyt uses 'points', right?! So much to learn.

We've been preparing ourselves for the cultural differences we will experience. One example, of many, is that we all have to pay attention to how we dress, especially the women. I know it will be difficult, not so much to wear different clothes that respect their culture, but knowing that 'respecting the culture' means adhering to a system that treats women as second-class citizens. And alright, yes, we already live in a culture that does that, but I am curious to see how different it feels to have it as a more overt part of the customs. We plan on going in with an open mind and being respectful, but while supporting each other if we need to! So grateful for such a loving and wonderful team of friends. Oh, one thing that might be fun... if you are out in Egypt with a man and are for whatever reason asked about relationship status, it is safer to claim that you are married than to be 'just friends'. I've always wanted to know what it would be like to be married to Jonathan or Ty... ha! Bummer that we are 4 ladies and 2 men... one woman will always be left to fend for herself. I wonder how Egyptians feel about polyamory... ;)

On a more positive note, the food is supposedly incredible, beaches sublime, ancient roads, buildings, ... PYRAMIDS... oh! And getting to meet and experience Egyptian and other international circus artists, alike! Maybe we'll even see some performances if we're not too busy riding camels...

I'm not sure we'll sleep during these 3 days.

Suitcase of books
Suitcase of books

Baaaack to this week:

After our successful run on Thursday, we all brought our luggage to donate to the Conundrum cause. It's not suspect to bring 4 large suitcases of books, ropes, and odd paper costumes, right?? Sometimes in the circus world, performers have to travel under the radar and pretend they aren't performing or getting paid in a foreign city, luckily for us, we are traveling as legitimate performers and this shouldn't be a problem!

We did have a number of visa hiccups, though, so send us all the luck getting through customs well and making all of our flights! It would be a real shame to lose ANY of our precious time exploring the crux of human civilization.

Finally, we are all at the airport and ready to go. No hiccups so far! Look for more posts once we arrive! Thank you to all of our Conundrum supporters. We wouldn't be here without YOU!