2017 Hometown Season Announcement

2017 Hometown Season Announcement

Dear Sweet Conundrum Friends,

These past couple months, I’ve had the great joy of traveling around the country with the cast of Love and Gravity. We've performed in 11 different cities, taught workshops to circus artists and elementary school students, and swum (swam?) in many a body of water. And now, as it approaches time to wrap up this tour and begin our hometown season, I’m just SO EXCITED BECAUSE WE GET TO MAKE MORE ART AND SHARE IT WITH MORE PEOPLE AND HOW ARE WE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET?!?
I mean, seriously, we are so very lucky.

Home is where the heart is, and Conundrum’s heart is soon to be onstage, in Seattle at 12th Avenue Arts, doing all sorts of heart things like being vulnerable, and being funny, and doing flips and stuff. We have two new shows to share, boundaries to break and stories to create. I hope to see you there. Tickets are on sale now.

More art. More courage. More connection.

Susie Williams
Acrobatic Conundrum Managing Director

volume 5 (9).jpg

Know No Boundaries

December 1 - 10*

Every year, Acrobatic Conundrum curates a cabaret, adding a new volume to the ever evolving story of circus. Each Volume is a world unto itself, featuring original pieces - long and short - from circus artists of all stripes. 

*ASL Interpreted performance on December 8.
*Family Fun Pre-show on December 3 & 10
*Fundraiser Performance on December 9

Copy of volume 5.jpg

December 15 - 23 

In a world where stakes are high and time is running out, The Fig Tree Waltzes is a paean to the human drive to keep playing against overwhelming odds.

This world premiere features choreography from Costa Rican choreographer Jimmy Ortiz Chinchilla, founder of the renowned El Barco Dance Conservatory.

2017 Fall Tour

2017 Fall Tour

Portland, Oregon: September 16 - 17
Powell, Wyoming: September 21
Denver, Colorado: September 24
Boulder, Colorado: September 28 - 29
San Antonio, Texas: October 3 - 4
Austin, Texas: October 6 - 7
Dallas, Texas: October 13 - 14
Missoula, Montana: October 27 - 28
Whitefish, Montana: November 3
Yakima, Washington: November 5

Acrobatic Conundrum is taking our hit show, Love and Gravity, on the road! We're performing in Colorado, Texas and Montana for the very first time! In Dallas, we'll be at the Southern Fried Circus Fest  with a slew of other incredible artists teaching and circus-ing it up all week. In Missoula, the MASC  (Moksha Aerial Studio Collective) Artisans will offer up a spectacular pre-show performance. It all kicks off in Portland, where we're rehearsing with tour sponsor The Circus Project.

Tell your friends, family, lovers and foes to join Acrobatic Conundrum for an evening that will refuel your heart and leave you awed by the power of human connection.

Along the way, we're offering workshops with the support of our fabulous tour sponsors: The Circus Project (Portland), Sky Candy (Austin), MASC Studio (Missoula), Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance (Boulder), Aerial Horizons (San Antonio). Stay tuned to our social media for updates!

Love and Gravity features Terry Crane, Annika Frodi-Lundgren, Melissa Knowles, Xochitl Sosa, Cooper Stanton and Ty Vennewitz.


photo by Marc Hoffman

Job Opening - Seeking Rigger/Stage Manager

Job Opening - Seeking Rigger/Stage Manager

Job Opening
Acrobatic Conundrum is seeking a Rigger/Stage Manager for our Fall Tour.

Initial rehearsals take place in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. (Attendance at Portland rehearsals is negotiable.) Tour travels in Western and Southwestern US.

The ideal candidate will be able to fulfill both the role of Rigger and Stage Manager. We are looking for a mash-up of skills: someone who is a good communicator, organized, and professional; has a strong work ethic, and enthusiasm for contemporary circus and production work. We are a small company that works closely together and prioritizes conscientious behavior and good joke telling skills.

Not sure if you have the right experience, but know you have the rest? Interested but only available for part of the time commitment? Then please contact us with questions! We are very friendly!


Begin immediately; Can work remotely; ~ 5 hours per week
- Serve as main contact for Venue rigging and tech questions.
- Work with Venues to determine rigging plan.
- Determine needs to fulfill rigging plan (ie. schedule, materials etc) and work with AC Managing Director to fulfill needs.

August 25 - September 13; Portland, OR and Seattle, WA; ~4 hr rehearsals, 5 days a week.
- Provide basic Stage Management skills: Work with Director to create rehearsal schedule; Maintain show log; Manage rehearsal time; etc.

September 13 - November 5, possible extension to November 20.
Travel with company (transport and housing provided.)
- Rigger:
           - Work with venue crew to install and tear down rigging equipment.
           - Prepare rigging equipment for each performance. 
           - Plan, supervise, and participate in rigging changes during performances.
           - Perform safety evaluations on all rigging equipment on a weekly basis.
           - Inventory and catalog all rigging equipment at the beginning and end of tour.
- Stage Manager:  
             - Run technical rehearsals.
             - Build light cues with venue technician.
             - Call light cues for show.
             - Run sound for show.

Pay is commensurate with experience.
Applications accepted immediately.

To apply, please contact acrobatic.conundrum@gmail.com to express interest and provide information regarding your experience.
Please contact susie@acrobaticconundrum.com with questions.


Open Call for Loop Research Workshop

Open Call for Loop Research Workshop

(Scroll para la descripción en español)
(Scroll pour la description en français)

Important Dates:
March 20 - submit application
March 30 - notification
May 5-14 -  workshop and performance 


Open Call for Loop Research Workshop

A group of 6 aerialists will create a short work to be presented at a performance at the culmination of the Festival Internacional de Danza Aerea en Costa Rica (FIDACR), in San Jose, Costa Rica. The medium will be contemporary circus, and the piece will take place on the infinite loop—a 70’ rope threaded through two large pulleys with both ends attached together. The artists will meet for a limited creation and rehearsal period of 15 hours in studio with the apparatus. The theme of the piece will be exchange across difference.

The project will be overseen by Terry Crane, artistic director of the Acrobatic Conundrum. The creative research will draw on the experience of the unique offerings of the aerialists selected, as well as use the vocabulary already developed by Terry and Acrobatic Conundrum.

The artists who apply should be professional or professional-in-training level, with 2 years minimum experience with vertical aerial apparati. Acrobats, non-vertical aerialists, and other circus performers may apply as well.

To apply, send an email with a CV and a video link of recent aerial work to thekidontherope@gmail.com. All participants will be responsible for their own travel and expenses, including the registration fee for the festival.

We must receive your application before March 20th and we will send confirmation by March 30th.

This workshop will take place on May 5-14, 2017. The rehearsals and final performance will take place at Teatro de La Danza in San Jose. For more information, see: www.fidacr.com


Previous loop research (featuring Xochitl Sosa, Cooper Stanton, Terry Crane, Rachel Nehmer, Ben Wendel, Carey Cramer, Ty Vennewitz, Lauren Joy Herley, Marie-Eve Dicaire, Giulio Lanzafame, Mick Holsbeke )

Taller de Bucle Aérea

Un grupo de 6 aerialistas van a crear un trabajo corto para presentar a una foncionna al finale de Festival Internacional de Danza Aerea en Costa Rica (FIDACR), en San Jose, Costa Rica. El medio sera el circo contemporaneo, y el trabajo va tomar luego sobre un bucle infinito--una cuerda roscado a travers dos poleas largas con los terminas adjuntas. Los artistas van a reunir durante un period limite de 15 horas en studio con el apparato. El tema sera el intercambio a travers la differencia.

El proyecto sera supervisado para Terry Crane, el director artistica de Acrobatic Conundrum. La investigación creativa se basará en las ofertas únicas de los aerialistas que seleccionaado para el proyecto, a demas que la vocubularia ya créa para Terry y Acrobatic Conundrum.

Los artistas deben ser de nivel profesional o profesional en formación, con 2 años de experiencia mínima con aparatos aéreos verticales. Los acróbatas, los aerialistas no verticales, y otros performers del circo pueden solicitar también.

Para aplicar, envíe un correo electrónico con un CV y un enlace de video a thekidontherope@gmail.com . Todos los participantes serán responsables de sus propios viajes y gastos, incluyendo la cuota de inscripción para el festival.

Debemos recibir su solicitud antes del 20 de marzo y le enviaremos una confirmación antes del 30 de marzo.

Este taller tendrá lugar del 5 al 14 de mayo de 2017. Los ensayos y la funciona final va tener lugar en el Teatro de La Danza de San José. Para obtener más información, consulte: www.fidacr.com


Appel pour Stage de Boucle Aérienne

Un groupe de 6 aériennes va créer un travail court à presenter pour une performance à la fin du festival International de Danza Aereaau Costa Rica (FIDACR), à San Jose, Costa Rica. La pièce va se faire sur la loop sans fin, une corde enfilée a travers deux poulies, avec les terminaisons attachées. Les artistes vont se réunir pour une période limité de création et répétition de 15 heures en studio avec l’appareil. Le thème de la pièce va être l’échange à travers la différence.

Le projet va être dirigé par Terry Crane, directeur de la compagnie, Acrobatic Conundrum. La recherche va utiliser l’expérience de ces deux personnes et aussi ce que tout les appliquant a à offrir au projet. Les artistes qui appliquent devraient être déjà professionnel, ou très avance, avec un minimum de deux ans avec l’aérienne verticale. Acrobates et aériennes non-spécialistes en verticale pourraient bien appliquer aussi.

Pour appliquer, envoie un courriel avec un CV et lien vidéo de travail récemment filmé à Thekidontherope@gmail.com. Tout ce qui participera va être responsable pour leurs propres frais de voyage et hébergement pendant le festival, ainsi que le frais d’enregistrement pour le festival.

Nous devrons recevoir votre application avant le 20 mars, et vous allez recevoir votre confirmation avant le 30 mars.

L’atelier va se faire en Mai 5-14, 2017. Les répétitions et performance finale vont prendre lieu au Teatro De La Danza, à San Jose, Costa Rica. Pour plus d’informations, va voir: www.fidacr.com 

Acrobatic Conundrum Awarded CityArtists Project Grant

Acrobatic Conundrum Awarded CityArtists Project Grant

Acrobatic Conundrum is pleased to announce that we are a recipient of the Office of Arts & Culture and the Seattle Arts Commission CityArtists Projects Grant!

Wow. That's a mouthful. 

And it's great news!

It means that with the generous support of the city of Seattle, Acrobatic Conundrum will develop a new project in 2017, to be presented in Seattle in 2017.

Hooray for more circus! More love! More courage! More art!


Photo by Eric Gillet
Pictured: Xochitl Sosa





Ty gets tricky.

Ty gets tricky.

A video sneak peak at Ty's hoop training (and a super sneak peak, some might call it a leak, into AC's fall season!)

Seeking Part-time Marketing Director

Seeking Part-time Marketing Director

AC is looking for a part-time Marketing Director. Are you experienced in marketing and publicity? Excited about the growth of contemporary circus? Well then, we just might be looking for you! 

Livestream tonight at 8:30pm PST

Tune in tonight (Thursday) to AC's FB page to watch Terry's new Cyr Wheel act live on the stage of the Flynn Creek Circus. 

Gender in Circus

Gender in Circus

Why aren't there more women on circus stages? Some thoughts about gender in circus from Managing Director, Susie Williams. 

Got Chautauqua? Carey touring Washington State with NOTC this summer

Got Chautauqua? Carey touring Washington State with NOTC this summer

Do your summer travel plans find you in the far flung reaches of the magnificent State of Washington? If so, Conundrum company member Carey Cramer invites you to join her and experience the comraderie and revelry of The New Old Time Chautauqua (NOTC), America’s only traveling Chautauqua. This year NOTC joins forces with Washington State Parks for a July and August tour of seven state parks and nearby communities.

Inspiration, Entertainment, Education and Lots of Fun

Chautauquas were based on the idea that learning continued throughout life. The Chautauqua Movement began in 1874, bringing a mix of education and entertainment to communities throughout the nation. When a Chautauqua came to town, all normal activity stopped as citizens dedicated a week of their lives to learn, be entertained and join with their community.

“The idea of the Chautauqua-Parks partnership is to renew ties and to foster goodwill between the towns and their local state parks,” said Paul Magid, founding member of the NOTC and The Flying Karamazov Brothers. “Chautauquas and Washington Parks share common goals: to promote community through education and experience by being a catalyst for cultural and creative exchange surrounded by the beauty of nature."

Each Chautauqua takes place over several days, with events occurring one day in the nearby town and another day in the state park. It includes entertaining and educational workshops in parks and towns, a community potluck in each state park, live music, speakers and a grand parade—community participation encouraged—through the town. The Chautauqua comes to a close with a family-friendly finale featuring Broadway stars, a big band, aerialists, comedians, jugglers and more. 

"At our Chautauqua you can learn to tap dance, play the ukulele, improve your confidence in clowning, and even fold the nearly unfoldable fitted sheet! The workshops are an amazing combination of fun learning and opportunities for depth and life changing conversation," says Carey Cramer. "The final show is the most fun performance I've ever been a part of. It's an amazing culmination of the entire stay and the most successful ones have everyone up and dancing at the end. It's not just a show - it's an experience not to be missed!"

Carey would love to see the familiar faces of Conundrum friends and fans. For more information on tour dates and locations visit NOTC

At right: The gregarious Carey Cramer during last year's Alaska tour with NOTC (Photo: Stephen O'Bent); Washington State Parks poster


A little (very tall) sparkle to brighten your day

A little (very tall) sparkle to brighten your day

In the interest of brightening your day, we present you Ty Vennewitz, the charmingest charmer that ever charmed. 

Ty's towering height and disarming smile recently charmed audiences in Las Vegas where he performed with Canadian circus company Cirque Eloize. Ty, along with 23 other highly-trained and incredibly talented clowns, acrobats, and dancers, performed for an audience of nearly 10,000 at Grand Arena at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. 

That's 10,000 people who have a little more sparkle in their lives than they did before. (Hooray for sparkle spreading!) It's the largest audience Ty has ever performed for. And oh, they did not just see sparkle from far away . . . oh no. Ty, dressed in a black top hat, white tails and a red feather, sparkled that audience up close and personal in pre-show interactions. 

If you ask him, and you can, those interpersonal moments are one of the reasons Ty is drawn to the art of clowning. Even in a crowd of 10,000 (in Vegas!), circus offers moments of real, intimate human connection.

That's nice to remember.

Thanks for spreading your sparkle, Ty!

Ty Vennewitz (center with top hat) and fellow performers with Cirque Eloize at June 2016 special event at the MGM Grand Las Vegas.  (Image: Renald Laurin)

More connection. More courage. Straight to your inbox.

More connection. More courage. Straight to your inbox.

Photo by WittyPixel Photography

Photo by WittyPixel Photography

Through live performance and collaboration, Acrobatic Conundrum seeks to contribute to a more courageous and connected world. To continue that effort offstage, we offer this blog. 

This blog is a space for us to share our thoughts, efforts, failures, risks, jokes, lives and art with you. And you can share too. There's room for comments. We want to connect with you!  And on that note . . .

Introducing email subscriptions to our blog! #modern

Have each blog post hand delivered by 0s and 1s straight to your inbox. We will still send out quarterly newsletters to our email list (which you can sign up for here.) The blog is an additional way for us to communicate more intimately and more immediately.


Sign up now to join the conversation. 
More talking. More love. More courage. More art. 




It takes artists to make art. It also takes:

It takes artists to make art. It also takes:

A view of Managing Director Susie Williams' desk.

A view of Managing Director Susie Williams' desk.


1. post it notes (stocking stuffer)
2. coffee (Cafe du Monde)
3. sparkling water (Sodastream)
4. notebooks (found, salvaged and gifted)
5. music (Tegan & Sara)
6. lists (and lists of lists)
7. a postcard of a shark with your name on it (as gifted by director Daniel Kramer)
8. a postcard from the Bolshoi ("Sweetie, your next gig! love, Dad" ~2003)
9. an obsessive love of art (unshakeable)

Catch Retro Verso on Tour This Summer with Flynn Creek Circus

Catch Retro Verso on Tour This Summer with Flynn Creek Circus

Conundrum Artistic Director Terry Crane and Company Member Erica Rubinstein, two halves of the charming and talented partner acrobatics duo Retro Verso, embark on a summer tour full of fun, adventure and jaw-dropping acrobatic and hand to hand feats with Flynn Creek Circus.