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Acrobatic Conundrum Announces the U.S. National Tour

of “Love & Gravity”


Leading American contemporary circus company creates its most entertaining and meaningful show yet with touchingly personal stories about unconventional love


SEATTLE, WA— (February 18, 2016) —Acrobatic Conundrum, Seattle's premier circus arts company, is pleased to announce the U.S. national tour of its new show, “Love & Gravity,” a collection of entertaining and meaningful stories about unconventional love and the complexity of human relationships. The tour features appearances in major U.S. cities including San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and Portland, Ore., as well as Ashland, Ore. and Brattleboro, Vt.

In this evening-length, original show, Acrobatic Conundrum artists use the thrilling language of acrobatics to tell poignantly honest accounts from the uncharted territory of relationships. Real life romances are beautifully portrayed through mesmerizing juggling acts, breathtaking aerial and partner acrobatics -- all while balancing on a bar 20 feet in the air! This groundbreaking show seeks to upend everything audiences know about the two laws of attraction -- Love and Gravity.

“A thematically-linked set of short stories, Love & Gravity is a rich, diverse piece that is distinctly American, told as only circus artists can, and uniquely in the voice of Acrobatic Conundrum,” said Terry Crane, Acrobatic Conundrum co-founder and artistic director. “This, our sixth show, explores how we as humans make and seek connection and it is our hope that the stories will leave audiences thoughtful and perhaps a bit more accepting and accepted about the ways they love.”

Through a sequence of creative collaborations, Terry Crane and the company partner with four renowned American circus makers to create unfolding, multi-layered stories.  Distinctive and personal in nature, the content of Love & Gravity is rooted in its synergistic development process. After a period of unfiltered creation inspired by its members’ own experiences, Acrobatic Conundrum embarks on a series of residencies to craft the material under the accomplished eyes of circus makers: Jenn Cohen, founder of The Circus Project; Jaron Hollander, co-founder of Kinetic Arts Center; Elizabeth Klob, executive artist of UMO Ensemble; and Nicki Miller, co-founder and artistic director of Only Child Aerial Theater.

“Working with Acrobatic Conundrum is like working with a fresh box of crayons, except when you go to use them you find that in addition to being vibrant and sharp, they are scented and have flavor and run into each other to create a 3-D rainbow on the page,” said Elizabeth Klob, UMO Ensemble’s executive artist.  “There are seemingly no limits to what we can explore together and create with their imaginary boundaries of the human body. It will be a breathtaking and heartfelt experience.”

“Terry and I share a lot of the same values regarding collaborative creation processes, bringing circus-driven performance into the American cultural landscape, and supporting our colleagues along the way,” said Nicki Miller, co-author and director of Only Child Aerial Theater’s ASYLUM.  “We come from very different professional and creative backgrounds, so it’s been exciting to impart my insights from aerial theatre and physical storytelling into this creative process.”

The ensemble-based Love & Gravity show features the highly-skilled and talented artists Carey Cramer, Terry Crane, Scotty Dont, Erica Rubinstein, Xochitl Sosa, Ty Vennewitz, as well as local guest performers in each city. The show includes choreography by Katheryn Reed and Meredith Sallee and music by The Tres Pesos, made up of musicians Faith Stankevich, Amy Tung, and Laurie Miller. Love & Gravity is developed as part of the Seattle-based School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA) Artists-In-Residence program and with the support of the Circus Project, Portland, Ore. and Open Space for Arts and Community, Vashon, Wash.

“I've been watching Acrobatic Conundrum from afar since their inception and their evolution so impressed me, that I moved from NYC to Seattle to work with them,” said Susie Williams, Acrobatic Conundrum managing director and Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) fellow. “Seattle is a leader in a circus renaissance that is happening in this country and Acrobatic Conundrum is at the forefront. AC is the most recognized American contemporary circus company for a reason and I can't wait for people to see what we're up to. It’s going to be our best show yet.”

About Acrobatic Conundrum

Acrobatic Conundrum, Seattle's premier contemporary circus arts company, creates ensemble-based performances that engage and amaze audiences. Founded in 2012 by Artistic Director Terry Crane, the company blends virtuosic circus skill, dance and physical theater to create work that is poetic, a little absurd, beautiful and deeply relatable. Acrobatic Conundrum has produced six shows and appeared nationally and internationally at such venues as New York City’s SummerStage, the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, the Smithsonian Museum’s Renwick Gallery, the Vancouver CircusFest, TEDxRainier, The Backstreet Festival in Alexandria, Egypt, and NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts’ Circus Now: International Contemporary Circus Exposure. The company is a 2015 recipient of the City of Seattle’s CityArtist Projects Award and is an Artist-in-Residence at the School of Acrobatics and News Circus Arts (SANCA). More information can be found at

U.S. National Tour Dates, Spring 2016:

March 12-13, 2016                Portland, Ore. at Echo Theater

March 26, 2016                      Ashland, Ore. at Le Cirque Centre

April 1-3, 2016                       San Francisco, Calif. at Great Star Theater

April 8-10, 2016                     Seattle, Wash. at Broadway Performance Hall

April 16, 2016                        Brattleboro, Vt. at New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA)

April 22-23, 2016                   Boston, Mass. at Arts at the Armory

Additional performances of Love & Gravity to be announced.  The show runs 90 minutes, one intermission, and is appropriate for all ages. #loveandgravity



Photo Credit: Caroline Poe